NEWS from the War and Law League
June 15,1999

Congress urged to assert war power, cut off $$, keep GIs home, and try president for illegal war

     Congress should assert its exclusive war power under the Constitution, cutting off funds for illegal wars, bringing servicemen home, investigating the Clinton wars, and impeaching him for starting them.  That message is contained in letters to all members of Congress from the War and Law League, based in San Francisco.
     "Our Constitution and laws have been set afire along with the nation of Yugoslavia," the 435 members of the House of Representatives ar being told.  Similar letters have gone to the 100 senators.
     "Your constitutional right and duty to decide whether or not the U.S. goes to war has been stolen from you.  The President has ordered illegal bombing or troop activity in Sudan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Haiti, and Somalia, as well as Yugoslavia and Iraq.  Any of 200 countries could be next. Law-abiding Americans should not be forced to pay for or fight in unlawful wars. Don't give Clinton more war money.  Keep American boys home and alive."  The President continues to wage war on Iraq.
     Pointing to the thousands of children, women, and men of Albanian, Serb, and other nationality killed by bombing ordered by Clinton and the millions more facing thirst, hunger, disease, and homelessness from the bombing, the letters say, "disaster results when the decision to wage war is left to one person.  To let him dictate life or death ... is a gross perversion of the Constitution, which gives the authority to initiate war only to Congress."  Quotations from Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, and others are appended; e.g., "it is the particular and exclusive duty of Congress, when the nation is at peace, to change that state into a state of war" -- Hamilton.
     Treaty violations by Clinton are also cited:  The UN Charter and North Atlantic Treaty require peaceful settlement of disputes; the Treaty of Paris bans aggressive war; The Hague and Geneva conventions ban attacks on civilians and what they need to survive.  The league suggests impeachment and removal of the President for "high crimes like unlawful war, treaty violations, and mass murder."
     Signers and endorsers include two justice promoters of the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose; a Washington, D.C., defense scientist; two midwest professors of law and political science; a San Francisco professor of politics, peace, and justice; and the War and Law League's executive committee (Deetje Boler, Kate DesLauriers, Paul Lovinger, Melissa Sarenac, and Phil and Grace Teresi).  The league is nonpartisan, one year old, devoted to upholding the Constitution and laws concerning war and peace.

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